We have added new claims capability to InsurForce.

The InsurForce platform has always supported Claims in the underwriting journey, prior or historical claims are included in the rating calculations for both new business and renewals but now we have added the ability to add a claim against an in-force policy. You can also associate the claim with a 3rd party claim number for external integration.

The functionality includes FNOL, Reserving, Accept/Reject, Claims Status and Settlement. FNOL supports date of claim, date of loss, type of loss, description, attaching documents, imamges, videos and any custom fields you may require.

The Claim can be initiated either by an Administrator, via a simple to use tool, by the Customer via the Customer Portal or, of course, via our Claims API.

To find out more get in touch via email, phone of fill in the enquiry form or on the home page.