We started our journey by looking at the online quote journey and how we could make it better for customers. This led us to develop the rating engine that sits at the heart of Insurforce.

For customers who have existing Policy Admin Systems, either in-house or 3rd party we now offer this as a standalone product, Qubapi.


The Core Underwriting Engine is a state of the art rules based expert system that delivers insurance quotes based on data about a risk. The engine sits in the cloud and is triggered by an API call.

  • Decoupled
    Decoupling the underwriting engine from the front end interactions enables more flexibility and freedom in the User Experience.
  • Easy to Maintain
    Rules can be updated by business users without having to go through any development bottlenecks. The rules can be added and updated via a spreadsheet.
  • High performance
    Rules are precompiled and loaded into memory for performance and efficiency. Once loaded they can be queried extremely efficiently.
  • Flexible
    Prior to underwriting the data can be enriched with other data from 3rd party systems, similarly post underwriting processes can be added to prepare the results for presentation.

Built for Data Enrichment

  • Fast integration
    A new data enrichment service can be added to InsurForce in double quick time as each enrichment is just a new service that can be used in a quote.
  • Easy to Maintain
    Using the built in enrichments means that you don’t have to worry about endpoint changes as the connections to third parties are all taken care of for you.
  • Rating Services
    Complete flexibility about rating services, in-house, external, custom built the platform is agnostic.


  • Full control over customer journey
    The rating engine doesn’t dictate the customer journey and could be called via a simple API.

  • Reduces complexity
  • Fast Response
    The service is designed to be fast and responsive. The core underwriting engine is separated from any business logic which means it can really fly, vital in today’s market.
  • Fully flexible pricing
  • Updates rates in real time

  • Easy integration