We are pleased to announce the addition of a Medical Malpractice line of business to the Insurforce platform. Suitable for Brokers, MGAs and Insurers it is available in both the Insurforce (PAS) and Qubapi (UW) platforms to satisfy the need for a full end-to-end digital insurance platform, or just a rating/underwriting solution.

This line of business covers individuals, clinics and other organisations. It supports multiple practitioners and multiple treatments, including banded treatments, where practitioners are associated with the specific treatments based on the treatments they are qualified to undertake… Other rating factors include minimum premiums, turnover (per band or consolidated), multiple covers, and can be extended and adapted to your specific needs.

The product features a user-friendly and adaptable “Quote and Buy” front-end tool to give customers the best and simplest experience for configuring and purchasing policies. This automation helps reduce costs and frees up time which can be used by adding value to customer interactions.

From a new business perspective automated “referrals” are fully implemented and can be reviewed and updated. This includes making premium adjustments and adding automated, templated and/or single/multiple manual endorsements.

All activities are recorded within the PAS and attached to the policy within a notes section for audit purposes.

Once purchased a policy can be self-administered via a customer portal. The portal lets customers carry out MTAs (adding/removing practitioners and treatments etc.) download their documents, lodge claims and renew their policy. This enhances the customer experience and improves your efficiency.

“We are excited to launch our new Medical Malpractice product,” said James Downes, CEO of House of Insurtech. “It has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from individuals and small clinics and is scalable to larger organisations. It is part of the Insurforce platform which is designed to be exceptionally easy to use and administer. Which makes it a great solution for MGAs, Brokers and Insurers who want to grow their businesses.”

This new Medical Malpractice product is available now. For more information, please Contact us.

Key features of the new Medical Malpractice product:

• Works with multiple practitioners and treatments, including treatment bands
• Allows organisations and individuals to purchase
• Includes retro-cover and run-off
• Intuitive and user friendly “Quote and Buy” tool
• Can be fully integrated into existing platforms via our adaptable APIs
• Customer portal for self-service
• Document production, including standard and custom endorsements
• Referrals with premium overrides and endorsements
• Credit card, Open Baking and Premium credit payments
• Supports Brokers and users including Broker portals
• Full, easy-to-use administration system, Insurforce
• All activities attached to a policy are recorded for audit purposes.
For more information or a demo, contact us at houseofinsurtech.com

London September 6 2023