House of Insurtech’s Insurforce technology is behind the new Adjudication Protection Insurance from Wilkes Management Services and C&C.

This is an “after the event” Policy that covers the potential legal fees in property Adjudication cases see:

Behind the scenes the Insurforce PAS (Policy Administration System) handles the entire policy lifecycle from inception through to claims. The process involves multiple step approvals, document production and distribution, reporting and automatic claim fulfilment. This utilises the Broker model to support multiple introducers at the proposal stage, with role based permissioning as well as allowing the Insurer’s underwriters access to review and approve quotes.

Aimed at Lawyers in the Property sector, these policies can be offered to their clients to reduce their fees exposure risk in Adjudication cases. This gives their clients peace of mind that their costs can be covered in the case where judgements go against them.

Says Nigel Coppen COO of House of Insurtech  “This project highlights the adaptability of the Insurforce platform and how it can be used for products across the Insurance world. In keeping with our embedded philosophy the insurance offering is directly incorporated into the client’s offering.”

This is an exciting new product line for House of Insurtech and we look forward to working with other ATE Brokers and Insurers, if this is you, please get in touch to find out how House of Insurtech can help.