As House of Insurtech, we are passionate about making insurance easier to buy for customers. Our story began when we encountered a common problem while filling out an online insurance form – the quote paths were inflexible, confusing, and hard to fill out. We realised that this was because the underlying software systems used by insurers and brokers were dictating the customer journey.

We set out to create a better solution by developing an underwriting/rating engine that could be accessed via a simple API. This freed customers to build or commission the best experiences for their customers without worrying about the underwriting part. The engine separated collecting customer data from calculating premiums, resulting in a simple, straightforward, and fast quote process.

With the core technology in place, we developed Insurforce – a software platform that deploys our underwriting engine as a digital distribution platform for the insurance market. Insurforce is designed for humans, using a “jobs to be done” approach, and delivered via microservices and APIs. It’s cloud-based, scalable, resilient, open, and non-proprietary – a modern, flexible, and extensible digital policy administration system based on best practices in software development.

Our goal is to continue delivering our APIs to make insurance easier to buy for customers. At House of Insurtech, we are committed to putting the customer at the center of our thinking and working with our partners to provide innovative solutions that align with their values and meet the needs of their customers.