The genesis of House of Insurtech came from filling out an online form for an Insurance quote.

Like all good startup stories, it started out with a problem “why is it so hard to buy insurance?”

Turns out that this is often determined by the underlying software systems used by insurers and brokers to calculate the premium.

Quote paths (online forms) were particularly bad, hard to fill, inflexible and confusing. These journeys were being driven by the underlying software, the underwriting engines and rating systems that the industry uses.

So, our starting point was “can we do that better?”, and we could.

The result was an underwriting/rating engine that didn’t dictate the customer journey and could be called via a simple API.

This was achieved by separating collecting the customer data from calculating the premium.

That freed customers to build or commission the best experiences for their customers, without having to worry about the “underwriting” part. They simply send the facts about the risk to the API which returns the Quote, simple straightforward and fast.

With the core technology in place, the next step was to build the software platform around the underwriting engine to deploy it as a digital distribution platform for the Insurance market, Insurforce

Developed the right way, designed for humans using a “jobs to be done” approach, delivered via microservices and APIs, cloud-based scalable and resilient, open and non-proprietary.

A modern, flexible and extensible Digital Policy Administration System based on best practice in software development.

Our ambition is to continue delivering our APIs to support our goal of “making insurance easier to buy”